How long can I live with PH?

In any specific case, this is a question which is very difficult to answer.

In the past, there were no treatments available for PH, and most patients with PH did not live very long.

However, over the past 15 years, based on tremendous research, many new, effective, and safe treatments are now available to treat patients with PH.

Thanks to these new PH treatments, many patients with PH are living much longer, healthier lives. Some patients are now living with PH for 15 to 20 years or longer.

Some patients with PH are still at very high risk of dying.

  • PH patients who are never diagnosed with PH;
  • PH patients who are not diagnosed until PH is very severe;
  • PH patients who are not treated in a timely fashion;
  • PH patients who are treated with the wrong medications;
  • PH patients who do not respond to medications;
  • For patients with some types of PH, no treatment is available.

Many patients with PH will eventually die because of PH.

This is why intensive research into the causes of PH, and into new treatments for PH is continuing.

Many new and exciting treatment options are being tested in patients with PH, and will soon become available to treat other patients with PH.